The Newmarket Hawks put together an amazing back door run to the finals in the 2023 Provincial Elimination tournament, eventually succumbing to the nearly flawless Windsor Stars.

It was quite the run for the yellow and gold birds from the north, who reeled off 4 straight wins against Tecumseh, WAA, Erindale and East York to become the Provincial finalist, leading the way for a group of GTBL clubs that showed well over the weekend. The Hawks battled tremendously in the 6-0 finals loss, showing once again the GTBL has what it takes to make a Provincial final.


The GTBL was impressive overall with three clubs playing Sunday, as the East York Bulldogs and Thornhill Reds joined the Hawks, Windsor Stars and Sarnia Brigade in the final five teams standing.

After Sarnia dumped the Reds and the Hawks beat the Bulldogs, just three clubs remained. Windsor handled Sarnia which set up the Newmarket/Stars final.

Congratulations to all of the GTBL clubs for an excellent weekend away.