March 28, 2023
Thornhill Reds


Roster For Thornhill Reds:

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Team Manager: Nolan Revin
Team Coach: Nick Cunjak
Name Position Jersey # Bats / Throws
Bannon, Mike P   11   R/L  
Batts, Kravice U, P   8   L/R  
Blair-Brown, Matthew OF   44   R/R  
Cameron, Chadwick P   21   R/R  
Dieks, Max P   19   R/R  
Fielding, Kris C, 1B   7   R/R  
Kember, Warren 1B, DH, 3B   9   R/R  
Lampreia, Harrison IF, DH   1   R/R  
Lampreia, Zach IF, P   11   R/R  
Levy, Cory P   33   R/R  
Major, Mack P   32   R/R  
McGibbon, Russell 3B, 2B, OF   34   R/R  
Oborne, Dylan 3B, P, 1B   5   R/R  
Orr, Patrick C, P   4   R/R  
Paz, Argenis SS   10   R/R  
Press, Jonas OF, DH   12   R/R  
Sadofsky, Mitchell U, P   23   R/R  
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