The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the GTBL was held Sunday Jan. 21, and saw the following highlights.

2018 GTBL executive was announced.

President- Nolan Revin(TH)
Vice President- Sal Stabile(EY)
Treasure- Steve Marshall(PICK)
Secretary- Matt Nailer(LEA)

It is the first year for Matt Nailer who takes over for Jeff Gruchy as the new Secretary. The league wishes to thank Jeff for his service over the past couple of years.

The Newmarket Hawks announced that Matt Richard will take over as the field manager for 2018, replacing Sean O’Brien as the bench boss. Again, the league wishes to extend a thank you to Sean for his years on and off field. Sean expects to stay with the club, both with the stick and in a lesser involved coaching role.

The second meeting of the year addresses the league playoff structure and season schedule, and is slated for February 11.